November 29, 1940

Mrs. Edmund Blais
Far Rockaway, N.Y.

Dear Mrs. Blais

Your husband has suggested that I write you, and I am only too pleased to act on his suggestion as word of his present condition and progress will doubtless be much appreciated by you.  As an introduction of myself , I may say that I am the Catholic Chaplain at the 15th General Hospital.

You are aware from other letters and cables that the Colonel has successfully passed the crisis of his illness. Now, it is a matter of some weeks of rest and quiet until he shall be ready to resume normal life and activity, though I should think henceforth he should temper too strenuous activity with consideration for a willing but, probably, slightly tired heart.

Since his admission to the hospital I have seen him repeatedly, almost daily.  The first visits were mainly concerned with his spiritual welfare.  He made his confession, received Viaticum and was anointed.  Since that, I have brought him Holy Communion again and will continue to do so regularly.  Other visits are more of the friendly type, probably more enjoyable for me than for him, due to his buoyant spirits and interest in things generally.  It happens that I come from Northern Ontario with whose men and mines he is well acquainted.  That provides one of the many talking points.

Doubtless, you, Mrs. Blais, experience the difficulties of separation quite as much as many another wife and mother who has had to submit to the unfortunate demands of war.  I am sure that your acceptance of the sacrifice is quite as willing as theirs and your reward, in part, must certainly be the conviction that what we are fighting for is worth all we can give.

From present indications, Colonel Blais will be going back to America, at least for a visit, before very long.  Those who have been associated with him and who know him here don’t like to see his experience and abilities lost to the cause here.  If he doesn’t return, though, it is to be hoped that he will carry on in Canada.

I so hope these few lines will reassure you on anything about which you might be worried and conclude with the wish that you and your family may enjoy God’s blessings.

Sincerely yours in Christ

T.J. McManus


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