Le 20 Nov. 40

Dearest Ma;

Yours of Oct 24th just reached here, quite slow I must say, as I received one of yours dated Oct. 27 a few days ago (Reason, right address).  I read your long letter twice, as you must be a mind reader (re air raid) as while I am reading this sure enough, heinie is bombing hell out of us (hope you can read this).  I am very busy at my job, as graduation for some of my Cadets starts Saturday the 23rd.  My good friend Gen McN will start the ceremony.

Now you tell Geo. F. that I have written him three times, without an answer, so what’s the matter with him.  Warren writes to me often, and why not.

Regarding the work in the house, call in Rubin to fix it.  Don’t wait on relatives.

I am anxious to see Mac’s brother land here but I bet he enlisted for service home only -

Your cig from Can were received and acknowledged ok.  Now getting late and have a streneous day ahead of me for the morning.

Glad you enjoyed the Legion party.  Is’t Elmer Belding a prince.

Cheerio darling

Lots of love


PS Have you ever heard from the Foreign Ex. Com at Ottawa.



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