26, Oct. 40

My dear Ma & Junie;

It’s a long time between drinks here (I mean letters).  Seems to me my mail must be chasing me all over Eng.  Not much new here.  I like my job very much, lots of work but most interesting.

I spend most of the day in the fields with my cadets, and what a nice group I have got. They’ll be a credit to the Army as Officers, not because I am making them (understand) but really if commanding a regiment I had as good as they are I’d consider myself lucky.

The nights are very long here.  I read about two hours, write and listen to the radio, when it’s on.  The bombing of London is still on, but as far as I am concerned, I don’t  pay much attention to it.  Seems to me I never hear the darn things once I go to sleep.  (It’s a good thing)  The boys all envy me, most of them being young. I guess they kind of fear the growning of those german planes.  I must say right here, I don’t like it myself.  It’s hard to explain right here the feelings when you hear those darn things come down but I say right now you are better in Far Rock’y.

How do you like your new home and how did you fix it (lovely I bet).  Don’t buy anything for your dinette.  If U.S.A. comes with us, I’ll ship you six lovely mahogany chairs (150 years old), ladder back, and a peachy leaf table, also old, but a hony.  I think it’s georgian.

This afternoon, I bought two nice (Doulton) pitchers quite old very odd shapes jug style for $1.50.  You have got nothing like it at home.  While I was in the shop, an Amer buyer was there buying, you should have seen what he bought, all the bric a brac.  I bet he’ll get some price for it.  Nough said. How are you making out regarding exchange on your cks.  Did you like the increase of $33.00.  You never said a word about it.

Your Oct. ck will also be increased by $5.00.  As I told you before $60.00 for Colonel allowance instead of $55.00 for a Major.

I hope you’ll try to save some of that money.  It’s pretty hard for me to save much here – I practically have to buy a new kit now mine being a year old.

I bought a uniform this week, and that’s $75.00.  I need field boots, and lot of winter clothing.  I’ll buy them gradually.

Also as Colonel the mess bill goes to top as school principal a certain amount of entertaining is to be done.  My associate here, a Colonel, has his wife and daughter staying not far from here in a beautiful little eng farm.  Had the pleasure of meeting them.  Wish you were here also, but will wait to see what happens.

Well darlings my Radio is out again (that man is here again)? See you later

Lots of love

A big kiss



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