Canadian Training School
#3 O.C.T.U. Wing C.A.S.F.
BaseP.O. Canada
22 Oct. 1940

 Dear Ma & Junie

Did you listen to the Premier speech last night, he sure was in great shape, how that man knows the english language and makes it look so simple.  Some of his remarks were a bit rude, but he apologized for talking (or saying) the truth.

I think this war has made me to hate anything that ever was or is German, or Italian.  I received yesterday June’s letter of the 23rd Sept, and the two snaps from T.M.  They are very good, and I think you are getting younger every day, while your husband is away.

I am also glad to hear about your new home, good luck there.  I hope you’ll be happy; I wish you’d get a mailbox for yourself, so that you’d be sure of your mail.  June said you had not heard from me in a month.  Well I write every week, sometimes more, so most of it went down with some of those fishing boats carrying mail, however, I suppose since then you must of had a bunch.

Right here, I spend most of the day out with my Cadets, as supervisor and chief I have to note all their faults, good points, etc.  It’s most interesting.

Have you heard from Elmer Belding of the Legion in NY.  I had a long letter from him a few days ago.  Now getting ready to go out.

Waiting for letters from you.

Keep well, & keep your chin up.

Miss you all very much.

Lots of love




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