19 Oct 40

Dearest Ma & Junie;

Saturday night is always a big affair here; Mess dinner, where as Senior, had to be the president introducing the night speaker with his “epitaphes” and a dance in the reception room a bit later.  This afternoon I took a lovely ride in the country, in one of my three cars.  I am now travelling in style with a chauffeur. That’s what you get when you get up in life.  While in the country, I stopped in a beautiful little antique shop.  Bought a small copper kettle from Gournsey Islands now in german possession.

There is no news here, except the odd bombs to disturb your sleep.

Next week, I am going to a real studio not far from here, and will get a real nice picture to send you for Xmas, like the one in last war (2 different poses) OK boss.

Saw some beautiful Geo III finger bowls 8 of them (Waterford) $20.00.  Also a pair of dogs, real old ones, but to dear.

I am going to pick up beautiful things every month while here.  But you know they are charging enormous prices here now.

Have not heard from anyone lately -

I ought to get a bunch of letters from you soon.  Just got your letter of Sept 12 yesterday.  Never got your smokes from Quebec.

Have you decided to stay where you are.

Jean La Fontaine is on his way back home special duty.

By the way Geo. P.V. is now on the International Board (Can V.S. U.S.A.) try and look him in NY.  He will stop at the Waldorf Astoria.

Watch the newspapers for his arrival.

Nough said

Miss you very much

Lots of love


How’s Ed Jr’s car – does it run -


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