16 Oct 40.

My dear Ma & Junie.

You should see me right now it’s 0500 hours, I am listening to some crackpot radio station, I think it’s either Spain or Paris.

The all clear woke me up at about 4. am. and as I was not asleep decided to get up.  I have a great fire in my little english fire place it’s quite comfy, but have no coffee, have to wait for seven oclock before getting that.

I am leaving early this morning with my Cadets, will be out all day on tactical war fare, if you know what that means.

Must tell you I like my job very much.  Short hours, and not much to do, as I supervise mostly.

Just received a letter from Elmer Belding of the Legion in N.Y.  Did he send you tickets for a show taking place to-night; he said he would.

I wish you would go to these affairs, you could take Madlyn N. with you, or someone else.

Now that I am here for good I’ll be getting your mail much easier.  You can use my Bank address to good advantage, as it is a quick way, to the Bank and it only takes one day from the Bank to here.  I am anxious to know how you made out with the exchange board, and if you got the increase in my cks.

There will be more starting from Oct 1st as my promotion dates Oct 2nd 1940.

I am going to London this week to see me chief – not so dangerous there as you see on the newspapers. There is plenty of bombing, but life in the trenches in the last war was worst than that.

It now three weeks since I heard from you.  I hope a lot of mail is coming.

Cheer up Ma. Miss you a lot, and wish you were here with me.

Lots of love a big kiss



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