Canadian Training School
“Commandant” O.C.T.U. Wing C.A.S.F.
Base Post Office

9 Oct. 40.

Dear Ma & Junie;

I guess by now you have a choice of addresses.  The above is quite in order.

I have just returned from the Cinema, where I saw Sp. Tracy & Bob Young, in Northern Passage (or North West Passage) Have you seen it; it’s quite a picture.  Went over with three of my instructors.

I have a nice bunch of chaps here.  I am quite lonesome of my regiment, but think will like it quite well here.

I am doing about four hours of reading a day.  If this war should last a few years I’ll become quite an English scholar.  I am called upon to lecture about once a week on different military subject that I as Commandant choose to my liking.

Got a letter from Ed Jr. a couple of days ago.  You know how much news one can expect on his letters.  All I hear is about his car and what he’ll do at College, great chap.  Curse those darn heinies here goes that noise again.  I should worry.  To bed I am going.  Lots of love darlings.

A big kiss






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