Oct 5. 1940

Dearest Lauretta

Your cable of Sept 7. sent from Great Barrington, Mass. is now realized.  Gen McN has appointed me on Oct 1st as Lieut. Col, holding a great position, in the future of the Canadian Army.  I am now a full fledge “principal”, i.e. “Commandant” of a great school.  My fighting days are over; I am now making officers for the Army.  My roving about England seems also finished.  I am now attached to C.M.H.Q. London on the staff.  For this promotion I was passed over many of my seniors, including my great friend and companion Major P. of my regiment.

I sure hated to leave the gang as I was in line for command there but may be would have had to wait for a few months as yet.

However, I am quite satisfied where I am now.  Your govt allowance is now raised to $60.00 instead of of $55.00 giving you a total of $183.25.  Now if the Govt allows you govt rate of exchange, you sh. be able to save a bit for yourself.

My salary will now be raised to $11.00 per day; but my expenses will also be raised quite a bit as OC of  school.  However I am going to try hard to be dutch and save some.

I am sending you a cable tomorrow the 5th Oct to tell you all about it beforehand.  running out of paper.

Keep well, think of me a lot.

Lots of love


I am buying some special Xmas cards from here.  Send me a list and addresses, where you want them sent.  Will mail them here, at my name, as Commandant.


Officers Cadet Training Unit

OC Canadian Training School
#3 O.C.T.U. Wing
Bordon Camp
Bordon Hants. Eng


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