Cumberland Hotel
Marble Arch
London W1

 Sunday Oct 1st 40

Dear Lauretta

I came here last Thursday night for a week’s rest.  What a rest I am getting.  Right now it’s tea time.  I am down in the study room, trying to get a cup of tea & toast till the next air raid.

I wish you were here to see it.  With some two thousand guests in this place the moment the air raid signal goes up, up comes every one for the shelters.  It is alright in the day time, but you should see it at night.  People come down in their night gown with the pillows under their arms, it’s a scream.

I feel sorrow for so many old people not evacuated as yet.  As for myself I have a wonderful room on the fourth floor.

Air raid or not I sleep.  This morning when the first alarm came I was having my bath so had to finish it.  Last night I was at the theatre, saw Up and Doing, a great musical comedy so they think here. Well, I was bored to death till the air raid alarm came and then fun started.  Got here about midnight when the all clear came & I had some supper and ready to bed when another air raid alarm came so with this one I went to sleep.

Friday night I saw Chu Chiu Chow, same production I had seen in 1917.  There’s a real show.

I cable you twice last week, once from camp and here yesterday hope you got them.

I dined with Col & Mrs Vanier at their Grosvenor Court home yesterday.  I was the only guest.  The Colonel is terribly upset with all this air raid business.  His children are now in Canada.

I see so many nice things here, that I’d like to bring for June & you.  Will write you soon again.

Lots of love



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