CASF England
27 Sept 40

Dearest Ma,

While listening to some beautiful fire works to-night, I want to tell you something about our boys of the R.A.F today.

As you probably have heard on the air already, the boys got 122 German planes to-day.  We lost only a few, and most of our pilots are safe.

I saw some beautiful dog fights in the air to-day.  We don’t pay much attention to them.  I guess, we are just punch drunk.  We just don’t seem to care a hoot.  I see where Japan is throwing her lot with the Axis.  I guess they are trying to scare your country into war.  What will be the end of it, no one knows.  In the mean time don’t worry darling, I’ll be home soon, this can’t go on for ever -

Now ready for bed.

Thinking of you all.

Lots of love, darling


P.S. I am mailing you to-day a picture of all my N.C.O.s and my staff while I was commanding in July.  I think its jolly good, don’t you.



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