CASF England
26 Sept.40

 My dear Ma & Junie

To-night for a change I took in the movies; I saw Bing Crosby in If I Had My Way, sure enjoyed it very much.  I never get tyred at looking at any of Crosby’s.  Have you seen it.  I wish you would, the young star with him is that little girl “Jean”.  She’s a wonder.  Looks a lot like Junie did a few years ago.

For the last week or so every night after an early dinner, I go out with my chauffeur looking at the scenery.  You never saw a more beautiful country.  I take country lane, where real moderate homes are built.  It makes me shiver.  When I think and see what that man Hitler is doing to such civilisation.  I can’t explain here what these people are going tru.

Night after night in shelter (a shelter is a dugout built under ground, capable of protecting any one from splinters from bombs, but not bomb proof on a direct hit).

My gang here are now all fatalists, when we are off duty to bed we go – raid or nor raid.

You can hear those darn planes go over us all night long.  If you’re lucky the bombs keep away from you.

It is really quite boring and quite dangerous at times there is not defence whatsoever against bombing.

That invasion that was so long coming has at last taken a dive.  What a ride we were ready to give him, and his butchers.

Now for the better side of life, what has June decided.  Stayed home with you I bet.

You should receive $66.00 more on you September’s ck, has you did not get the increase in August although it was deducted from my pay.  You should also hear from Ottawa as I taken the matter with the Treasury Dept.

I though sure I would be on my way back to Canada by now to command a unit there; right now I have no idea of the future.  I dread passing another winter in this damp and foggy place (In other words I am quite fed up).

I love army life, but I love my wife and kids better, and now getting darn lonesome for you all.

Heard from Claire yesterday.  Wrote Mr Stern a note the other day.  Got your letter signed by all concerned at Freddy Hewlett’s party.  If you send me their address I’ll drop them a note.

Did you ever get an invitation from the Legion in NY.  Mr Belding of Baron G. Collier 745- 5 Ave NY said you were to be invited at their next show.  Do go.

It’s now getting a bit late getting sleepy, and will retire while things are quite.  Once asleep, nothing wakes me up but the all clear cirene at about 4.00 am.

Do write often and be sure my thoughts are with you all

Lots of love



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