[The following letter was forwarded from Emilia Blais to Laurette.  Letters sent to Canada were not reviewed by the censor.  Written in French, below is a rough translation.]

24 Sept 40

Dear Emilia

Thank you very much for your cable of the other day.  Here not much news, we are in the worst of the attack on London by the German planes.  It’s not funny sometimes, but it doesn’t bother us.

I was happy to know that Laurette and June came to T.M. That was a good change for them.

Would you write to Laurette and tell her that if she does not receive letters from me for about five or six weeks, I will be in Egypt.  She is not to get worried – war here or there is the same.  I’ll come out of it well here or there.

Gregoire Dussanet wrote me a few times, he is not far from here.  I will try to get him transferred to my regiment.  Does conscription affect you much in Canada.

Give my best wishes to all





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