C.A.S.F. England
Sunday 22 Sept 40

Dear Ma & Junie.

Well I think I’ve received all your letters from Montreal, Que. and T.M.   I am surely pleased that you had a good trip and enjoyed the food down there.

My vacation was fine, went to shows, while the bombardment was on, had a couple narrow escapes, but laughed it off.

Today, Hitler’s ennemy No 1 (Rain) has started so I guess things will be a bit quieter.  Ennemy No 2 (Fog) will soon follow.  What do you think of our R.A.F. now, they simply murder those d. germans.

In one of your letters you tell me you brought my suit home, good enough.  I have my week end bag here.  Only brown club bag was at Emilia.

I guess Eddie will have to register in America, he knows what to do.  He’ll be up for service at 21.

May be college student will be kept out.  I have this day written the Treasury Officer at Ottawa regarding your status in America.  I have also referred him to Colonel H Des Rosiers, who is now Militia Deputy Minister at Ottawa, Ont.  Colonel G.P. Vanier wired me the other day, he was leaving for home in Canada.

I am to get in touch with him there.  I really don’t know what he will do now, I expect he’ll command a district there i.e. (Military District) with the rank of Major Gen.

Gen Tremblay is now Major Gen in Quebec.  I wish you could have talked to him while there.  I am glad my Que. friends fixed you up nicely at the St Louis Hotel.

It is a pity Laurette Lemieux can’t go up to your house this winter for a while.  If you keep house, why don’t you have her.

I don’t know what the future has for me.  I may be recalled home to command a regiment or may go on some staff in Canada.  What I want is Military Attaché in Washington.  Spoked to Kermit Roosevelt the other day in London.  He said that should be my job.  He’ll help if he can.

Why don’t you write his wife at Oyster Bay, she’ll be glad to receive you and June, the moment she knows I am serving abroad. You know she has returned to U.S.A. sometime ago.

Not much in the way of sensation, just a boring life, dangerous one, at times and getting gray by the minute.  I have a wrotten cold again, caught about a week ago.  Annoys the life out of me.  You should see my room here, just a summer bungalow with a dinky little fire place, going full speed all the time. My staff leaves with me.

This afternoon I took a long nap after my lunch, and now looking at the rain.

Eddie told me about buying a car, it must be some “buss”.  Hope he takes care of it.

Have to close dinner is now ready.  air raid alarm sounding


Lots of love darlings



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