10 Sept 40

Dearest Ma.

Your cable from Great Barrington received to-day.  I am absolutely astonished at you promoting me to Lt. Col. Where did you get the information, nevertheless it’s coming, don’t know when, but may be soon.  Although I have been commanding, since two months, my C.O. is still here for a while, while he also is awaiting a promotion.

However, I was quite delighted at my wife promoting me.

My week in London was full of incidents, some funny and others not so.  However I must tell you, the German raids are not so frightening.  Their game is to break the English morale – that they can’t do.

I find the going quite trying on one’s nerves, but being a soldier it’s part of my daily chores.  And rest certain that if Hitler tries an invasion you can bet your last dollar he is licked right here.

We have to close as the postman is waiting for me.

Lots of love


Your snaps at the club were very good.


10 Sept 40

Dearest Ma

The enclosed snap is quite a collection of old warriors from the great war.



[No photograph was found in the envelope.]


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