6 Sept 40

Dearest Ma;

Back in Camp after a week of rest in London.  Air raids and all did not stop me from having two baths a day and seeing a good show every night.

I also had some real good meals.  My postman tells me to-night that a cable from you came to-day but the dumb bell sent it to London, and that means I will not see it for a few days.  I am anxious to know about Junie.  I see so many nice things here that I can send her.

I am taking the matter of your allowance with the High Commissioner here, who will forward it to Ottawa at once.

Now what are you going to do this fall.  I think you should board but you should have a small apartment for yourself or storage everything and stay will Trixie altogether.  Right now I would you could hear the noise I just heard, so will write again tomorrow.

Love to you darling

Wish you’d have been in London with me

A big kiss



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