Aug 22. 1940

Dear Lauretta;

So that you can meet your obligations I have increased your allowance $33.00 per month.

I have just received your air mail letter of Aug 5 – slow going.  If you need the dough you’ll be have to sacrifice 17% of your allowance. -

I am writing the Minister in Ottawa to-day to try and settle your case.  I am lost to tell you what to do.  Asked Ed Jr’s advice as much as possible.

Conditions here are o.k.  We are getting h. from the air, but don’t mind it.  For every 5 that come here 4 of them don’t go back.  Our R.A.F. is simply wonderful.

I am going on leave Sept. 18th for ten days.  While in London I am going to have a slight operation on my left wrist that I broke in May.  It’s all mended but out of place, (only a small bone) so will rest in a London hotel at the Cumberland.  I must admit the pace is now getting a bit fast for me but do not expect to be in the Field in the winter.

Major Poirier is returning next week, so for a change he’ll do some work.

Lots of love to you all.

I missed you all a lot

A big kiss



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