Sat. Aug 17.40

My dear Lauretta,

Your letter of July 25 just arrived, not so fast.  Nothing much here, except that as Commander I am a busy man, shooting down those heinies by number.  What a job we are doing to Adolph Air Force – 554 planes in six days.  Our boys are just splendid.  I suppose by the time you get this letter, he’ll have tried some other  way of attacking us, but we are ready, and I mean ready.  My boys are aching for a fight, and right now I am in fair shape myself.

Please don’t worry about me; to my sorrow I may be put on the staff in London soon to represent French Canada, but there’ll be my promotion with it.  Gen McN. is always nice to me, and told me of my future promotion.

Now, do send Junie to Niagara, with your increased allowance you ought to get along ok.

It’s now early in the morning, and I am just about ready for a long sleep.  I’ll never complain about the bed when I get home, you should see what I sleep on here -

The enclosed snap is of my Adjutant & self.  How do you like my tailored battle dress, this picture taken in front of my tent.

Tonight my sergents had a smoker, and of course had to be there for a short speech & drinks.

Nough said, Miss you all a lot.

Lots of love



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