9 Aug. 40

My dear Lauretta & kids;

The life of Commander is not a rosy one, as I told you in my last.  I have made a hit as such with Gen McNaug’n and expect some changes for me in the near future.  I am concluding a study in tactics, strategy etc. that ought to make a Brigadier out of me soon, if I can keep up, in health.

Tonight I must say I am very tired, and no relief in sight, i.e. My Colonel will not be here for a while as yet.  My brake came when Major Poirier was sent to S.O.S. to try and pass the course.  I think he will but with no “D” cause he is “tongue tyed” – tied – which one.

I am enclosing a poor postcard of our groups with Col Geo Vanier.

You will get some real good one soon.

Did you notice that I am on the right of the great Col. our Minister to France, this honor was wished on me as I commanded the Reg’t that day.  Must say here again what pleasure it was for me to meet my old boss.

Tomorrow, my friend Capt Garrott and his wife are calling for me for Theatre, Champagne dinner, and a (bath) a good wash.  What people.  They are my friends holding my trunk in their home.  Mrs G. is leaving for Canada with her two daughters in the near future, and will get in touch with you, soon.  they have friends on Long Island at Salisbury.  Capt Garroot is an International Polo Player, and a great soldier, airman of the last war.

June writes me about Lauretta School in Niagara.  I am in no position to tell you anything or advise you.  Ed Jr. is old enough now to use his judgement.  Do what you think best.  However, I am taking up the matter of your allowance with Gen. McNaugh’n who will write Ottawa.

If June’s goes away I surely don’t like you to live alone.  You ought to close your house and board.  (What do you think of Atlantic Beach for the winter.

Well darling, I’d like to send you money, but can’t see how I can do it, with the new restrictions.

This letter is getting a bit long.  Take care of yourself, may see you in Canada, soon if they have a promotion for me there.

Otherwise I’ll get it here.

With lots of love to you all




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