Aldershot  1 Jan 40
9.00 pm

Dear Ma & Kids

Well this has been a busy day for me, as we had an open house, and all I did all day was to greet my fellow officers from my division.  Last night I attended a new year’s eve concert by one of the most famous bands in the world, we saw the old year out, and the new year in, we sang old lang syne and drank plenty to the new year.  It is really quite an experience for me being a senior and in the lime light all the time.

My Colonel has been ill, so all of this social work is on my shoulder.  On Fri. afternoon I attended a high tea at Lady and Lord Wellington, our old Governor General of Canada, had a long talk with the old gent himself.  My general is a swell fellow and calls on me for a lot of work keeping my mind so busy that my lonesomeness is not so bad this way.  Tomorrow Tuesday we start training for good.  Up at 6:30 and work till 5:00 pm.  I am in marvellous health, getting fat again, but in the right places.  We have not succeeded in getting our films developed yet.  I am going to London Friday next before departing at the College for my course that will start 7 Jan till Feb 17.

Keep my address the same, as my reg’t will attend the forwarding of my mail.

I saw some antiques at Wellington Estate but how you would love them.

[remainder of page cut off]



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