Aug 5. 1940.

Dear Ma,

I’ve just returned from a great exercise, with my Bn, and had another great day.  At conclusion of the day, I was asked by my Commander Lt Gen McNau’n to speak to the officers of the Can. Corps.  That I did, I am told with a bang.  Well MacN congratulated me upon the fitness of my men also on my aggressiveness as a Commander.

His remarks Re EAB, (lots of horse sense) great leader experienced officer & fearless fighter. (not bad eh)

I spoke to the Gen. about the ruling in Canada where you cannot buy Am. Funds, he is to take the matter up with Ottawa at once.

As I told you before I know have raised your next ck to $181.75 – less $6.00.  If I was you I’d try and save some of it as it is pretty hard for me to save much here.

The upkeep of a Senior officer is quite heavy.  Nevertheless I never go out, and have accumulated a few hundreds dollars already.  It’s a shame I have no way of sending you extra money.  Do manage the best you can for now, and things will turn out alright.

Write often, I think you are all a bunch of lazy bones. (all in fun)

Keep smiling

Lots of love



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