Aug 2nd 1940

Dearest Ma & Kids,

It now early in the morning i.e. one oclock; my wireless is now humming Bob Crossby’s light music, and as a rest, I thought I’d write you.  What do you think of this series of pictures, some of them would be good enlargements.

This morning I am in charge of a great Bn exercise in this here isle of England, Lord knows I guess I should know Eng better than Far Rock’y by now.

I have been sitting here for hours studying my plans, maps, tactics, and what nots, so that while waiting for daylight my mind always turns home.  Sometimes I wish I would be ten years younger.  You know how I like my early night sleep.?  Well I have forgotten all about it by now.

My responsabilities are now enormeous.

Commanding a unit is no cinch.; got to think of everything also one thousand men.

No use getting sentimental I like it.  Nevertheless it give me gray hairs and not many of them left as you can see in the pictures.

The weather here has now turned to summer again. What a beautiful F.(pays) E. country this is.

I may go to London or Scotland at the end of August for a week’s rest.  I need it.

Nough of this.

Miss you all a lot.

Lots of love





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