Sunday July 27. 40

Dear Lauretta & kids;

Now that the sun has come out once more, I am trying to dry out for a while and do a bit of writing.  My last week was a severe one, up night & day, and roving about the country; George P.V. visit was the only compensation for such a streneous week.

Looks very much like summer is over here, right now.  The evenings are so darn cold I freeze to death towards morning.  Of course if you sleep in comfort, it is the greatest weather in the world in the summer.

I am sending you a few postcards taken by one of the boys here.  You can see he’s strictly an amateur, nevertheless, they are good of Geo. P. V. and myself.  Now once more, keep all of these pictures very sacred, cause my album is away in London, and I am not keeping copies here.  I think the small set is even better than the enlargements.

Too bad you can’t get Can. program on you radio, as I have just finished broadcasting a ball game for Canada, also Bn comments on life in England.

They say my voice is now like Jimmy Walker’s on the air.  Hot stuff -

Your mail is now coming in very slowly so use Base P.O. Canada instead of the Bank in England and your stamp is only 3¢.

Well darlings, not much to report, except that I am missing you all very much and would like to see you all for a change.

My pal from N.Y. Elmer Belding, has just written me that he is to get in touch with you on their next show.  Please go.

Once again lots of love

Good cheers

Keep well



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