In the Field
July 25.40

 Dear Lauretta & kids

Yesterday was another great day for me.  Colonel Geo. P. Vanier, our Can Minister to France, spent the day with us.  He reviewed the Bn in the morning, attended a great luncheon later in the day, spent hours with me, till I took him back to town last night.

I must say Geo. P. is an old man, all white hair and very large proportion (I mean very heavy) but with all his experiences in France to the last minutes, he is quite cheerful and young in mind as ever.  We talked and talked.  He enquired about my little but dainty wife, the children and all.  We took group pictures, several pictures of Geo & I, my Brigadier also in the photos.  All in all it was a great day.  I came back early this morning, just on time to start a days work, a day so different from yesterday.?

It’s now getting late and I am far away from my bed yet.  This lost of sleep raises havoc with me now.

I have an extra $25.00 in Canadian money, but don’t know how to send it .  I want to pay for Junies typewriter.  I’ll dope out a way.  In case you don’t get my last letter I have increased my allowance to you to $100.00 an extra $33.00 per month.  It will start on your August ck.

I hope you are now resting well and having a real good summer.

Now getting dark, and have no candles.  Always thinking of you all and getting a bit home sick.

With lot of love to all you darlings

As ever


Now to find an envelope & stamp?


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