In the Field
C.A.S.F. England
June 24.1940

Dear Lauretta & children,

From now on news from me may be a bit scarce as I am in no position to do much correspondonce.

Between air raids, and plenty of night work I am kept quite busy looking after my boys.  Ed Jr would like my life now.  I live in a comfortable tent with a nice slit trench along side it, sleep when I can, and ready to fight at all times.  Censor wont allow us to talk, but we are having a swell time.?

Nevertheless it’s a soldier’s life and I am not grumbling.

The weather has been extremely hot, the days are long, and the nights short.

I suppose you were all shocked at the breaking of France, however the colonies will never give up.

Over here, we are ready for them any time they come they’ll get the surprise of their lives –

As you know, we are now holding the bag alone, and what a bag.  I am a bit over tyred, may not be able to stand the gaff long.  However I am not quitting.  The spirit is very high.  Mrs Vanier inspected our Unit last Sunday.  She will write you from Canada.  We expect to see Col. V. very soon, he sure went thru h. around Paris.

Last Sunday was a beautiful sight.  The Padre gave general absolution to all, and all had communion at 4.00 pm.  It was quite a relief for a lot of people?–

I am now doing general staff work and how I like it.

I suppose you are all at the beach by now.  Take a good rest and don’t worry about your soldier.

I have had no news from any one in two weeks.  Being constantly on the move makes it hard.  I sent you a lot of pictures lately.  Keep em well.

Give my best to the gang at the beach

And lots of love to all of you.



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