In the Field
July 23. 40.

My dear Lauretta;

It’s really darn hard to write here while I am in the field but had to do it to-day.  First of all, early in July I assigned $50.00 at Ed Jr name for you to spend, this a.m. the Gov’t tells me it can’t be done. so what to do.

I’ll increase your allowance from me to $100.00 per month.  This will give you 184.25 per m. may less a few dollars from my small pension check.  This will start Aug 31.

It takes so long out here to have anything done that Aug 31 is the quickest it can be done.

I wish you would tell me if you received two registered letters from me with Can. money in them.  I have some more but do not know how to send it.

I am trying to find a way to send June 20.00 for her typewriter to-day.

There is nothing new here, except that I am bored to death with conditions here.  This kind of war has me crazy.  I am writing Gen. T. in Quebec to-day to see what can be done to bring me home, with a promotion to Lt. Col.  I know I can be useful there on reorganisation.

My Brigadier took me along last Sunday to dinner at what I call a real English home.  Antique china in the foyer all over, on the table a set of red glasses for all wines to champagne, plates with solid gold bands, and what a house.  Looks like a dump outside but what a home inside — and talk about gardens, my eye sight was to slow to see all the beautiful flowers there.

I hope you’ll have no trouble in getting some money from Canada.  His restrictions are now awful.  How’s Ed Jr. getting along.  I wish I was home right now.

How’s everything at the club, I bet everyone is having a good time except you, cheer up I’ll be home soon.  I know something—

It’s been raining cats & dogs here for a fortnight.

Not much more to say.

I sure miss you all very much.

I’ll cable you soon.

Lots of love Ma and the children



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