19 July 40.

Dear Lauretta & Kids,

Since writing you a few days ago, I have assumed quite a bit of responsibility.  I am now commanding a combine force, including my regiment.  This means lot of thinking, lot of work, and lot of horse sense.

This is only temporary while my Colonel is away on leave, but it is really a test on my hability from higher ups.?

I have had quite a trial already, and came out Ace high.? Nothing but compliments from my General.  My wrist is still heavily bandaged but not sore.  The weather here has now turned wrotten.  It’s been raining solid for ten days, so result coughing, medecine Rhum.  Even at that, I just can’t lose weight.  I am now an even 200. Fair enough, what?

Your mail of June 15 and 17 received yesterday.  Also got a letter from Ed – July 1st how about that for speed.

Please tell me if you have received 3 registered letters from me with cash in them.

Now re pension ck.  It’s evident that the Gov’t now paying you the wife allowance of 55.00 to you and 12.00 to Junie, will not pay you the 3 & 2 allowance earned by me 1914-1918 as I was not married then.  (I think it is the reason, if any other cuts occur, I’ll take action.

I see by to-days paper that you now need passport to travel back in to America, if you go to Canada this summer think of that.

I hope you have also received the additional 50.00 sent you by the Govt this month.  Will send you more next month.

Nothing else to report.  Hope you are enjoying your rest.

Lots of love to all



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