In the field  July 12 1940

My dear Lauretta,

I just received one letter from Junie, dated June 11.  So you can see mail is now at a slow rate.  I hope you are enjoying your stay at the Beach.  I am having a complete summer of camping, sleeping out in the field, training all the time for new methods to fight this guy Hitler.

There is nothing much to report here.  We are celebrating your 4th of July, every night, you get me.

Nothing worries or excites me, I know I’ll be home some day.  They wont get me.

The other day while in manoeuvre I took a nasty fall hurdling a fence a bit to high for my pony, and fell on my left side against a tree stump.  I was so warm then that I did not pay any attention to it but on reaching camp at night upon examination of our M.O. my left last ribs was badly bruised, and my left wrist broken.

So I am now in h. of a mess, I refused to be evacuated to hospital, cause we are much better here than in City hospital.  My wrist is in splinter, for a week or so, it wont be long.

I see Canada has complete conscription.  Ed Jr. has nothing to worry about, having been in U.S.A. since boyhood.

And you being an American, he can do as he pleases.

I hope you have received the money I sent in different envelopes.  Must close -

Miss you all very much

Lots of love



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