C.A.S.F England
July 5. 40.

Dear Lauretta

I instructed my Paymaster to forward to Edmond Jr. name a ck for $50.00.  This ck is for you to take a week somewhere or buy yourself something that you want, not what you need, get me?

Yesterday July the 4th I had NY Worlds Fair on my wireless, announcing the explosion at our Pavillion there, simply shocking, I calls it.

What do you think of our Navy doing a real job on the French Navy yesterday.  Well Adolph H has something to think about now.  I was offered 7 days leave to-day but turned it down, I’d rather be here with my boys waiting for something to turn up.  Don’t worry if H. thinks we’ll be easy he has something else coming.

I like the way Senator Pitman spoke yesterday about Winston Churchill -

By the way my first autograph in my book is from W. Churchill himself.  I hope I told you on previous letter that when I dined with Mr Eden Mr W.C. came in and shook hand and told me that he was half Yankee, i.e. his Mother, what a man.

It now 22 00 hours and by the light of a good hurricane lamp, and my wireless playing some lamenting music, from God knows where, I’ll try and finish this note.

The day has been rather quite, played ball all afternoon with my boys, had a good fresh vegetable supper, a couple of whisky & soda, and now quite fit to sleep, if they don’t wake me a half dozen times during the night.

Nothing to report.

Missing you all more & more.  Anxious to get home now.  I don’t like this kind of warfare not enough action.  Cheerio.

Lots of love



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