C.A.S.F. England
July 2. 1940.

Dear Lauretta & children,

This message is being written while in transit tru dear old Eng.  We are now the merry rovers of this here country, lots of fun, beaucoup de fatigue, not much sleep, lots of bully beef, etc., all in all it’s ripping.

The weather here is tropical 100° all day long, even warmer than NY at its darnest.  I cabled you yesterday to relieve your mind, and will do so once in a while.

I suppose Jr. is now one of Grover Whalen’s specials, and Junie to summer school (I hope not).  July 3.  10.00 AM  Now 4.00 AM in Far Rock’y.  Well you should see me now, slept all night in a Boys Scout fashion, under a perfectly good tree not less than four hundred years old, all night long, rabbits, mole, porcupine, and what have you running to keep me awake.  Understand it’s all fun but I’d rather be at the Cumberland in London.  It is been drizzling all morning, and quite chilly to-day.  We are under bivouacs, and life is just nothing, waiting.  My men sit around my tent at night listening to my wireless, last night we had U.S.A. that is early this morning.

There is no more news coming in from Central Europe.  I used to get some good musical program from Italy, but now the Beni M. has turned out to be a fighting friend, no more spaghetti from there.

I don’t know what to write as we are not allowed to give you the names of towns we’ve been in, must tell you that I now know Eng better than NY.  It is without a word the finest country in the world at this time.  You talk about antiques.  I am arranging to buy a solid silver tea set with a reputation, if arranged I can ship it to Thetford Mines later on for $100.00 and I can get a $500.00 set in NY.  I am also buying a few antique chairs that I will have crated, and ship gradually to Canada.  I bought last week three pieces of Royal Dolton, for 60¢ (tea set) I happened to pass in a small village where we had halted, went in and what I could have bought for $5.00.  My trunk now if London is partly filled with antiques.  I also bought a real scottish skirt for June – 3 yards of pleats. $1.00

The cook is now yelling at my chaps, so pop better look in.

See you later.

Just had dinner with my boys not bad grub, fresh logon berries for dessert and plenty cold corn beef.

Closing out the a.m.  Write you soon

Lots of love to all



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