20 June 1940

Dear Lauretta & children

Just had a pretty harty lunch, although I am cutting out on the food, my some 200 lbs are a bit bothersome in this torrid weather.

There is nothing much that I can write here except that we are very busy, and are all in great health.

Not a single sick man in the outfit, are all perfectly trained and waiting–

No one is worried about the threats of Hitler, here let ‘em come.  It is a bit monotenous, but we have to do the best of it.  There is plenty of activity; all around and the radio news from U.S.A. surely are glorifying.  I bet you’ll have a nice army darn soon — I feel sorry for the French, their representatives are meeting at Munich to-day.  What will be the outcome no one knows.

I have another nice collecting of pictures that I am sending you to-morrow.  They were all taken at St James Palace in April. In one of them you’ll notice the big four – including yours truly.  I’ll write the name of those present later on, as the censor wont allow it.

I sent you an album of the change of the guard.  Also, a big picture of our officers on a board.  Sent it to Thetford Mines at your name to avoid censor at this end, as all the names are on the board.

Did June get my cable of yesterday also registered letters with 2 ten dollars Can. 1 (5.00) Can 1 $5.00 Am.

I had save that money and figured it wouldnt be any use to me if anything went wrong.

My Brigadier is now my room neighbor and calls in on me often to listen on my wireless.

Hope by now Ed Jr. is home and all exams were passed ok.

I am playing first base on the officer’s team at 5.00 pm to-day (soft ball).  Lots of exercise.

With lots of love to you all (Don’t worry)


[This week marked the start of German air raids on Britain, primarily of industrial sites.]


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