15 June 1940
C.A.S.F. England

Dear Lauretta;

It is now Saturday in the afternoon, and all I have to do is clean my home, take a bath, and wait?  Things are happening fast and furious, one never knows what’s up from one minute to another.  It was a great calamity the evacuation of Paris you can imagine the joy of the Huns but bare in mind only a very little part of France is occupied.

Right now all of the boys here want to fight the Italians the world as a whole is against them.  I feel sorry for the Pope he has no choice.  I think Italy’s King is like Leopold of Belgium just another skunk.

There has been no answer from Pres. Roosevelt to the address of Mr Reynaud.  What will happen there tell me about it on your next letter.

It is a funny thing that danger does not frighten me a darn bit this time.  I have a good hunch I’ll come tru this show flying.  Anyhow, I want you not to worry, as you darn well know I can take care of myself.

Will write you everyday till I am stopped doing so by circumstances.

Will cable June greetings on the 20th of June for her birthday on the 23rd.

With lots of love to all





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