12.30 AM. 10th June 40

My dear Lauretta & Junie;

I have just returned to my quarters after listening to President Roosevelt speech, that was a hony.

As you know by now Italy has just declared war on us, it’s one country we are not scared of.  They were never any good and never will be; how I would like to go and fight them.

The President spoke from the University of Virginia, we were all in the Mess, and did we listen –

Do not get frighten about the Boches advance in France.  No matter what happens to Paris, we’ll stop them on the Seine River.

I face the situation with a lot of confidence, we are ready, and we’ll stop them. — Pray hard.

and with U.S. with us we will win battle for civilization. I am on duty to-night as I do my sleeping in the day times.  At no time in the last war was I as confident as I am now.

Don’t worry.  I’ll be home alright, after we’ve settled this affair.

With lots of love to both of you.



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