8 June 1940

Dearest Ma & Junie;

The king & Queen have just left here a few minutes ago.  Boy did’nt she looked wonderful.  She wore the same Alice Blue gown she wore at the World’s Fair last year.  I shook hand with Geo VI  and her Majesty just gave me a smile.  That’s was mean was’nt it.

It is so hot here, you can fry eggs on the parade ground. I had to change my clothes three times to-day.

I am now resting after a steneous two weeks in other lands, where there was no such a thing as sleep or rest.  What an experience but it was worth it.

I travelled from a certain point in Eng. the other day by car, we were all day travelling our column was some 3 miles long, and talk about meeting nice people, we were showered with fruits, cakes, etc.

Every where we passed, school children lined up the streets to cheer us and feed us.  What a trip.

This is our last excursion thrue this beautiful land.  At this time of the year Eng. is the finest country in the world, you should see, all the nice little home and grounds, what a sight.

By the way did Emilia mailed you some photos of my War Course and Battalion I sent her about a month ago.

The padre is now yelling at me to get ready and go to church so I’ll close this chapter.

My next letter will be from 7.  Lots of love to all of you


It now 8.30 am.  I have been up since one hour fiddling around burning up papers, eating & listening to my radio to some half crack Hungarian rapsody.  It’s music anyhow.  How did you enjoy Lakewood & the concert this year.


Buy this song and read the words.

When you wish upon a Star

The last part is

Like a boat upon the blues
It steps out and sees you through (or true)


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