27 May 1940
In the field

Dearest Ma & Junie

While resting this morning by a beautiful summer sun, and with the aid of my camp bed I have time to write.  You should see my sun tan, I am like a great big Indian, black and mostly dirty.  I am sending Junie a Can 5.00 bill that I had in reserve.

Just got Eddies letter this morning.  I’ll instruct my Bank in London to forward him a draft for $50.00 for your car, tomorrow.

It may take a while till you get it but it will come acording to plan.?

I am glad you took your Cabana. Tell the friends there to write me.  You know my bank address.

Nough said, boy this is one time, that I am overflowing with confidence, in a good spot, a good job ran out of ink but plenty busy.  I will not  take any chance I don’t have to take –but I am a formidable ennemy of Hitler and I’ll do my best for all mankind.

He must be destroyed –

I hope the news home are not frightening you.  We’ll get them –

Well babies keep well, pray hard for me and don’t worry -

Lots of love



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