Postmarked:  19 May 1940  Aldershot, Hants

The Padre is going to laugh in a minute, but the young officer is hard to convince!

England, 1940

18 May 1940

My dear Ma & Junie:

Saturday night 10.00 pm. listening to a darn good program of swing music from the States so you can see we don’t worry much about the “Heinies” Conditions must look black to you all in the U.S. but rest ashure, everything is according to plan here.  Hitler is now shooting all he’s got no matter how far he goes in in France, we’ll stop him and beat him.

Do not worry about that.  I see the U.S. is 100% with us. That’s good news.  All we want is material we’ll do the rest.

The Belgians of 1940 are not the few farmers of 1914.  They’ll hold on alright.  The advance thru France is nothing to worry about.

As you can see by the enclosed photo of our Padre and one of our young Captain, the old man is insisting on a certain point:  that’s all.

I have just received a wonderful letter from my Legion Post in NY.  Elmer Belding of Barron Collier was the writer.  They are sending me a package of cig for my battalion.

You should see the tan I now have from my out door exercises.  I guess this Army life is the cure I needed, by hair are white, but what strength have I got. On recent maneuvres recently all the youngsters were all in except the old man.

Have you taken your house at the Club as yet.  Please do it, but I can’t guarantee any swims for this summer. Will surely miss it.

Nough said.  I now have to listen to the news in french, english, & italian.  Must keep posted.

Well darlings keep well, and dont worry about Pop.

Lots of love



Emilia has just received some pictures I addressed at your name in Thetford M.  Mrs Galaise of Quebec will also mail you a photo of me in fighting geers.



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