16 May 1940

Dearest Ma & Junie;

It is now 10.30 pm and the President F.D.R. has just finished his wonderful speech. What a man.

Well darlings between all the exicetement in Belgium & France I take it very easy listening to an acordion program from Spain.

Things are happening since the last six days.  What did you think of the Dutchmen folding up. I guess they just could not help it.  It was to much one sided. However it won’t be the same story on the Western Front — Hitler will get it, rest a shure of that.

My radio is now fix to Mr Paul Renaud Premier of France.  I wish I could tell you what he is talking about. What a man.

Now darling, I am fine happy and husky.

Thinking of you and all at all time.

What do your friends pacifist think of FDR’s speech.  I am sure U.S.A. will be with us soon.

Don’t worry I’ll be here a while yet. Write often.

Lots of love


[Dutch forces surrendered to Germany on May 14, 1940, four days after the German invasion and the bombing of Rotterdam.]



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