Postmarked:  27 Apr 1940 Aldershot, Hants

Apr 27. 1940
3:30 pm

Dearest Ma & Junie:

While in my room resting after a streneous week, now I have time to pick up on my correspondonse to my sweethearts.

First of all, I am listening to my wireless, to a beautiful opera coming from Milan.  Secondly, I have a nice bottle of real Canadian whisky, and just had a real good one to your health, my toast was “Cheerio Momy”.   These are the moments when I get lonesome, just wish you were here and enjoy it all.

To-night is a famous night.  The Royal 22 is stepping out  we are entertaining the Staff, so I must be on my best behaviour.

However I don’t just feel right and promise to be home at midnight.  Is’nt that good mommy?

I bet you are scare stiff since Adolphe went to Norway. Don’t worry a bit about me, I am quite well, and specially well trained, and can take care of myself.

Anyhow, I expect my promotion, sometime in the futur, at the Base in France.  I expect to be in charge of the base.?  So the front won’t see much of me.

So do not worry.

Company now coming my way.  A big kiss & hug

Miss you all much



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