17 Apr 40
Aldershot, Hants

Wednesday 17 April 1940

Dear Lauretta

History being made at Buckingham Palace to-day.  Our boys are mounting the guard, and your old man is held in his room by his physician, being down with an old ailment, that famous pain in my back.  However my doctor assures me that I’ll be out tomorrow.  I caught cold Monday while I was out on a tactical exercise, that steel hat of mine is to drafty.

Now here is what happened in London.  It is now 10:30 hours, and my wireless is now connected with Buckingham Palace.

The announcer, after a brief summary of records of my Regiment, just said Here they come.

The boys 80 in all, and six young officers, marched in the Palace ground behind the famous Grenadiers Band, 100 in all.  They were greeted by all the celebrities including the King and Queen.  My General McNaughton, Hon. A. Eden, Vincent Massey, Col. Flynn, my C.O. etc.

The ceremony of changing the guard lasted close to one hour. Our adjutant Lieut. Cote sent a greeting message to Canada in French.  All of the young officers on the guard were called by their name on the air, and where they came from in Canada.

I am now to high ranked to be on such trivial duty as guard the King and Queen.

However, my Colonel is coming back Thursday night and I am going to London Friday noon to replace him as the senior of the Regiment I’ll come back to camp Sunday night.

You asked me a funny question.  What a Major wears on his shoulder.  “A crown” you sure are backward in your military knowledge.  Next time in town I’ll buy you a nice gold one on a brooch.  Wrote Jerry Levy a letter yesterday by the way just received your letters of March 28, 30 this minute.

The weather here is too wonderful for words.

My batman is waiting to mail this, so good bye sweethearts



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